Saturday, October 15, 2016

Not Munchin' Lizard, Minchin and Izzard

This is a pic I took
at Eddie's concert.
Looks cool, doesn't it?
You won't find many atheists comedians out there and it's disappointing. I mean, what is funnier than religion, there are hundreds of years of things to laugh at there? Have you heard the Dane Cook bit on atheists? Funny...Ish.

But if you are looking for truly intelligent humor, humor that is both rude and hysterical, not to mention satisfyingly intellectual and woo free, please check out Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard. If you want to hear comedians who say it like it is, you are going to love them.

When I first heard Tim Minchin, courtesy of my friend Dionne, the song was Storm. It's a ten minute beat poem that you will love...and you will be hooked. In fact, the first time I watched Tim Minchin on youtube I also watched every single other Youtube video by Tim Minchin within 24 hours of first hearing him. I was loving the lyrics so much that it took me a few weeks before I realized how talented he is and what an absolutely amazing pianist he is. Tim is an Australian and while we were in Australia Jer and I decided that we would travel to any part of the country to see him. Sadly he was in London the entire time doing Jesus Christ Superstar; he was playing Judas.

Now on to Eddie Izzard. My first introduction to Eddie Izzard was just a happy accident. I was surfing around youtube listening to comedy. I stumbled on Izzard's Death Star Canteen bit and I was freaking HOOKED. I was laughing so long and so hard that I woke Jerry up...and that is a nearly impossible feat!  LOL
Eddie Izzard is brilliant and unique and will totally hook you with his intellect as well as his lip gloss. We saw him in concert about two years ago and he KILLED it with a follow-up bit on the Death Star Canteen.

Jer and I and the kids are all huge fans of these comedians. John John likes nothing better than a family night of watching Eddie Izzard in concert...we call it Executive Transvestite Night.

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