Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dear Me in Ten Years...

Dear Me in Ten Years:

I know you, Me. You have a horrible memory. Although you will want to remember everything, you will forget so many things. You sometimes stare at a face for long seconds, hoping to remember that moment...

Do you remember these small moments from just this week?
The boys in the family room, John, JD, and D all pretending, playacting a scene then collapsing in giggles. Elizabeth telling her story about a friend, proud of the both of them for being mature in their small but important struggle. Elizabeth taking the initiative to get herself a new job, telling her strengths at the interview, making called, creating a relationship with the HR rep. Jer's imminent success with the company that he's been working so hard on. John's laughter in the other room. This feeling of having lost 25 pounds. JD coming in the door with that smile after getting himself a new job. The conversation with Elizabeth in the car, her so proud, you...so proud. 

Everyone enjoying the smoothie maker. Trying to take Elizabeth's picture at the table while she hid behind the paper towel roll. John walking across the length of the front room with his arms ready to hold you and him saying I'm so proud of you, Mom. Jer and I talking about my dental work and many things, all while sitting on the front couch. The day JD and I went to Walmart and enjoyed our conversations. How John did all of this algebra and you feel so proud of him for his ability to teach himself. The two of us watching the Korean drama Scarlet Heart. Jer and John and I going to the Renn Faire and seeing Scottie and seeing Abby G. Going for a walk with Jerry along the Mississippi River on that new trail off of JB. Elizabeth and I doing the Harry Potter puzzle together. John and D talking, nonstop, in the car about their games and whatnot; me feeling like I wanted to shoot myself in the head with annoyance. Dan V.'s bachelor party. Both John and JD, separately, talking to me about their changes in character on the EAW, in excruciating detail. John John working on his term paper on mythology. Elizabeth laying across the bed with me, hanging out, loving each other. Jer finding some time to hang out in the workshop...

Do you remember them?

Dear You, if you remember nothing, I know you remember the extreme love and pride you feel toward the kids, with Jerry. 
Maybe that's enough. But just in case, I know you've taken a zillion pictures this week...as usual.

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