Monday, February 13, 2017


As it is Darwin Day I am watching the film Creation with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, the couple of too many double consonants in their names.

As I watch movies I am also continually researching and learning about the film, actors, anything IMDB offers, history, the subject...etc. Yes, I am that nerdy. So as usual I went directly to Pinterest to find pics on the film but, of course, Pinterest swamped me with thousands of images designed to teach children about creationism. 

I sat and looked at all of these lesson plans and activity ideas and other dastardly ideas for brainwashing children with ridiculous fairy tales rather than teaching them genuinely awesome realities of life and I thought how disgusting it is. Each adorable image of crafty ideas and color pages and creation song just pissed me off a little bit more.

How much children want to know!
How many questions they have!

How trusting they are!

And what do the faithful parents do? They tell them utterly bullshit stories that shackle their minds and that create blockages to understanding the universe.

I am in love with children and their minds. I adore the light bulb moments, the questions, the curiosity. I love those shining, inquisitive eyes. We are the stewards of the minds of our children and we owe it to them to not only tell the truth but to respect their curiosity.

Let's create the next generation of kids who can THINK without having to claw their way out of belief like poor Charles Darwin had to do.

 Besides, don't forget, the price of the adorable fairy tales...
Hell, Sin, and Mind Prison.

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